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Help In The Classroom
  • Suggest the use of non-food items as  
    rewards in the classroom.

  • Ask the teacher to keep some special
    snacks on hand for Feingold children to have
    when the others eat an unacceptable food.  
    Parents should keep the teacher in good
    supply of these acceptable treats.

  • If it is possible, volunteer to be the room
    mother so that you are in charge of the food
    that gets served.  It won't hurt the other
    children to have an all-natural snack too.

  • Volunteer to shop for any foods that will be
    used in the class.
Does your child have a hard
time getting to the bus stop
in the morning? Try some of
these tips below.
  • Pack lunches the night before.

  • Get up a little earlier for the  first  
    couple of weeks.

  • Have clothes laid out the night

  • Have breakfast ready for the kids
    when they get to the table.

  • Put book bag by the door the night
School Tips From
our Members
  • Keep a treat box in classroom and ice creams
    in school refrigerator
  • Good communication is important, so you are
    aware when there are special treats offered so
    you can substitute
  • Purchase your child the expensive candy for
    the classroom so that when he gets those
    candies he feels really special
  • Use Gloves in a Bottle for art projects
  • Cupcakes that can be frozen at school and
    thawed out for parties
  • Mark your child's packages so they are not
    eaten by others
School Snack
  • Accepted gum
  • Accepted crackers
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares (CS)
  • Accepted microwave popcorn
  • Sunspire Sundrops – Plain or
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Accepted nuts
  • Accepted  pretzels
  • Small bags of accepted chips
  • UnReal candies
Labor Day is
September 2nd
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