If you would like to share a
birthday party cake please
click on the cake and send
me your picture and a
description of how the cake
was made.
This page is for party tips plus  
        budget tips and ideas.
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Great Halloween Snack  Ideas
filled with salad.
Banana Ghosts with
mini chocolate chips
for eyes.
Deviled Eggs topped with
1/2 of a black olive.  Snip
another olive for legs.
dunked in white
chocolate chips.
Make faces with
milk chocolate
Hot dogs wrapped in strips of
biscuit dough and baked.
Slices of apple with mini
marshmallows for teeth.
Make a toss game by gluing
pumpkins cutouts to a
cardboard box.  Make holes in
pumpkin and toss in balls or
Attach a large piece of paper or  
board to a wall.  Cut out green
paper stem for the top of the
pumpkin shape. Blow up around 35
orange balloons and tape them to
paper forming a pumpkin shape.  
Blindfold the children and let them
pop the balloons. You can also
tuck treats, little stickers or other
items into the balloons before
blowing them up.
Divide the players into a group
of 3 or 4 each.  One person is
the mummy.  Each group gets a
roll of toilet paper.  The first
group to wrap their mummy and
finish off the whole roll of toilet
paper wins!
Parker and Cooper Scarbrough ready for Halloween!
Cool Game Ideas
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Donovan and his friend on the first day of school.
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