Halloween Cremes at
the Squirrel's Nest!!
If you would like to share
a birthday party cake
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This page is for party tips plus    
      budget tips and ideas.
Dragon Cake
Cake mix
Chocolate frosting
buttercream frosting
natural green food color
natural yellow color (or turmeric)
Necco Wafers

Frost cake with chocolate icing.  Draw
dragon with chocolate frosting; frost with
green for dragon and yellow for the flames.  
Cover body with wafers and write out Happy
Birthday with a line tip.

Deborah Gatchel
Trick-or-Treat Tips
The Feingold Family
Favorites II Cookbook is here!  

Order while supplies last.

Great gift for Christmas
a very special evening out followed by "safe" treats.

If your family chooses to trick-or-treat, then try one or
more of the following:

  • Arrange to buy back the non-acceptable treats
    your child collects.

  • Have a bag of acceptable treats, or a special toy,
    ready to trade with your child on returning home.

  • Provide "safe" snacks to eat while trick-or-

  • Be aware that make-up can affect a sensitive
    child.  IF you want to use face paint, try using
    Gloves-in-a-Bottle first.  It is available at www. or in some hardware and

  • When trick-or-treaters come to your door, give
    non-food items such as balloons, erasers, balls,
    unscented stickers, or small plastic toys.

  • Provide natural foods like small boxes of raisins,
    home made popcorn balls or natural candy.
The Best Halloween Ever.  Thanks to Feingold!
from Rocky
Other Options For Halloween
Instead of the traditional Halloween
party or trick-or-treating, why not
plan a family fun night.  Go bowling
or miniature golfing.  Go out to eat
somewhere fun or just stay home
and have a pizza party and board
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Joseph making friends with a friend's dog
Organize a Halloween Block Party
If you and your neighbors are concerned about going house to house trick or treating, you can organize a block or street party where
all the families involved get together and make sure your kids have safe fun.
  • Transform you house into the
    neighborhood haunted house
  • Plan fun games for the kids
  • Prepare ghoulish sound effects
    and scary displays for those kids
    who come to your door for treats
  • Decorate each other's yards scary
  • Coordinate a treasure hunt to find
the "body" or "skull" or "spooky
spider" (for younger kids)
  • Dunk for apples and pears
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Sugar Jack O' Lantern
candy at the Squirrel's
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