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October 8th is
Thanksgiving Day
For Halloween,
hand out trinkets in
place of sweets.  
Balloons are
always a popular
alternative for
children over age
Halloween Options
Autumn Allergy Problems
  • Wet leaves - haven for mold
  • Smoke from burning leaves
  • Ragweed
The ideal solution is to organize a Feingold
Halloween party of a very special evening
out followed by "safe" treats.

If your child chooses to trick-or-treat then
try one or more of the following:

  • Arrange to buy back the non-
    acceptable treats your child collects.

  • Have a bag of acceptable treats, or a
    special toy, ready to trade with your
    child on returning home.

  • Provide "safe" snacks to eat while

  • Be aware that make-up can affect a
    sensitive child. Look for the new
    Halloween accepted make-up in
    your October Pure Facts issue.
New Face Paints
For Halloween!
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Carve the features in a
pumpkin.  Inside the hollow
pumpkin place a glass of hot
water.  Float a chunk of dry
ice in the water.  Place the top
back on the pumpkin and fog
will float out of the eyes, nose
and mouth of the pumpkin

Caution:  Dry ice can burn
your skin .  It should be
handled by adults using tongs
or gloves.
Spooky Jack-O-Lanterns
Emma and Jake ready for Halloween!
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Eli playing in the leaves.
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Zoe helping mom out.
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