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October 30th is  
National Candy
Corn Day
Tips If You Choose to Trick-or-Treat
For Halloween,
hand out trinkets in
place of sweets.  
Balloons are
always a popular
alternative for
children over age
Many times to enhance a costume you can use
face paints. Your child might be able to tolerate
them better if you first put a barrier on their skin.  
Many parents use Gloves in a Bottle, which
keeps the coloring from being absorbed into the

A good option is to use natural
colorings, such as those found
in all-natural cosmetics.  Be
sure to check the labels to be
certain the products do not
contain D&C dyes or “lakes.”

Click on the Gloves in a
Bottle for a direct link
to their website.
Halloween Options
Face Painting for Halloween
  •  Arrange to buy back the no acceptable     
           treats your child collects.
  •  Have a bag of acceptable treats, or a
           special toy, ready to trade with your
           child on returning home.
  •   Provide “safe” snacks to eat while trick
  •  Beware that make-up can affect a
           sensitive child.
  •   When trick-or-treaters come to your
           door, give non-food items such as
           balloons, erasers, balls, unscented
           stickers, or small plastic toys.
Microwave Warning
On those cold days when
heating  up a mug of tea,
coffee or hot chocolate,  
make sure to let the mug
sit in the microwave a few
seconds after the beeper
goes off.  Liquids can
bubble up out of the cup
when removed right away!
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"My pumpkin is bigger than hers!"
Parker Scarbrough as the Bugs.
Lana Moser showing off her poodle skirt