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If you are having a hard time
finding a certain acceptable
brand  in your area, visit the
company's  website.  Many
times they will have product
locator's that will tell you
where you can find their
products.  To the left is an
example of one from Rudi's
Let's Talk Turkey
                                              Today, you have to be                  
                                                careful where you buy
                                              your turkey.  Not all
                                              gobblers are the same.
                                               Sodium phosphate and              
                                                water may be injected into
your bird which causes the turkey to have added water
weight.  While this additive is not eliminated on the
Feingold Program, it means you will paying turkey
prices for water.

Watch for added flavors, colors, sugar, salt and
hydrolyzed vegetable protein (MSG) in the injecting

Your best bet is to look for a local turkey raised in your
area or a plain supermarket brand fresh or frozen
A dry turkey is an overcooked turkey.
There's no way to reverse that process, but
you can still serve moist meat. The breast
is most likely to be dry, since it has very
little fat. The dark meat should be fine no
matter what.

So evenly slice the turkey breast, and place
the slices, in a single layer, in a large
shallow pan. Slowly pour some chicken or
turkey broth or stock over the slices,
moistening them thoroughly. Cover the pan
with foil and place in a 250 degrees F oven
for 10-15 minutes until the meat is hot. You
can carve the rest of the bird while the
breast slices are in the oven.

As long as the meat is warm, it will be
moist. The meat will dry out when it cools
down, so serve lots of gravy on the side.

Brine the turkey next year!
Solution:  For white meat, cook two or three turkey
breasts instead of one entire bird.
For dark meat, serve thighs and legs.
The key is to plan ahead. Consider using
your slow cooker for some recipes, like
Slow Cooker Stuffing for Thanksgiving.
If You Don't
Have Much
Room in Your
Product Locators
Look at Opal's turkey feather!
Zachary and Aiden
Problem:   Your guests are picky  eaters
and only like one type of meat.
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Olivia and Eli
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