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Mothers Day
on May 11th
What Makes A Feingold Mom Happy Now
  • True quality family time that includes my son. We longer
    need to constantly focus on how our every move, words, or
    actions will affect his reaction to it. So much quality time
    with him now.

  • Not having panic attacks anymore when I take him out in
    public, and that I actually can (no tantrums/meltdowns,
    running away), and no longer being combative with me. Not
    having to stop what I'm doing every 5 min to break up a fight
    between my boys. For me personally, it's helping the anxiety
    issues I developed from my son's behaviors pre-FG!

  • For me, no more restless leg syndrome, headaches, arthritis
    type joint pain. Healthier eating means more energy, lower
    weight (lost 30 pounds when we started). I decide with them
    what to pack in lunches, what snacks and drinks we have so
    I could be sure they eat their food rather than throw it away.

  • There's peace and calmness at home. I don't have to
    constantly worry about him getting in trouble at school.
    Homework is so much easier now. He's not constantly in
    motion now and doesn't fight with his sister as much. I could
    go on and on.

  • It does not make my life easier actually as most his issues
    happen at school. It does bring tears to my eyes to see him
    able to sit down and actually focus on his school work.

  • He can communicate and does not have melt downs and is
    potty trained.

  • Feingold has brought lots of calmness to our home. I am no
    longer mentally drained from all the chaos that was
    happening all day, everyday! I enjoy being a mom again.

  • Less arguing, more peace. And less brain fog for me! Also, I
    can no longer blame the kids for my sleep problems.

  • It brought peace back into our home, and with that peace, it
    makes parenting a little easier. We still have our times
    where the kids are just being so stubborn and need to be
    disciplined, but the extreme tantrums and behaviors are
    gone now.

  • Having fun with my son rather than having to discipline all
    day makes my life much easier, happier and way less

  • it is easier for me to say no to really bad junk food and keep
    sweets as special occasion treats.

  • People say how hard it sounds, I always say "easier than a
    bad day."
On the Road
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Alex with beautiful tulips.
Ana Amott
Aurelia holding a goat.
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When you travel, pack a cooler with quick,
healthy, cut-to-size snacks.  Some good ideas
include:  carrot sticks, celery, seeds & nuts,
banana nut bread, fresh fruits, hard-boiled eggs,
small containers of yogurt, diced cheese, pieces
of meat, or tuna salad.  Have an ample supply of
crackers, chilled drinks and ice water.

On a long car trip and when far from home, you
can generally restock from among national
brands found in major supermarkets.  

Plan frequent stops at rest areas or parks to help
the children get some exercise.  Being cooped up
in a car can be hard on everyone.  Bring along a
frisbee or ball to toss.

Ask for suggestions about where to find good
restaurants and grocery stores from our
members on the message board and Facebook
who live in the area you are going to visit.
More Mother's Day
Ideas For A Special Day
  •  Take Mom out to a special restaurant and  
            enjoy some quality time.

  •  Go do something together:  shopping,  
            golfing, movie, or a yoga class.

  • Plan a little picnic lunch in the back yard.

  • Help Mom pick out some flowers at a  
           nursery and help her plant them.

  •  Play some board games or work on a   
            puzzle together.

  •  Make something crafty if your mom likes  
             to do those type of things.  An idea would  
             be a special clay flower pot.

  • Help Mom bake something special that  
           she likes to eat.

  • Popcorn and a home movie.

  • Go through some old photo albums.

  • Play makeup.
Here is some feedback from moms on our Feingold
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Kids love to bring Mom
breakfast in bed.