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Is the Feingold Program Hard?
Our members tell us that "hard" is:

  • Never being able to get a babysitter twice in a row

  • Knowing people don't like your child

  • Knowing that your child doesn't like himself

  • Not being able to trust your child

  • Wondering what your child did to get in trouble at
             school this time

  • Having a child who has no friends, and who is not  
             invited to parties

  • Feeling that you are failing as a parent

  • Seeing your bright, creative child struggle daily to
             learn because he can't concentrate

There is hope!  Join the Feingold Program and help your
child become free of all these
hard situations.  Click on the
logo to join -
Below are some ideas of things
to do with your kids during
spring break this year
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This group is for Feingold members
who want to discuss anything
related to home organization, kids'
chores, dejunking, scheduling, etc.
Members are welcome to put
books, articles, websites, charts,
and anything else they feel would
be helpful in the files section here.
Thank you for joining us!

From Marilyn Rose

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  • trip to a local museum
  • bowling
  • go to the movies
  • a hiking trip
  • a day at the park
  • going to the zoo
  • a picnic
  • baking cookies
  • delivering treats to someone special
  • playing sports or swimming
  • decorating their bedroom
  • planting spring veggies
  • help at a local animal shelter
  • visit their grandparents
  • play their favorite board games
Jake and Emma... I see you!
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Tamara and Dominick