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Father's Day is on
June 15th
First Day of Summer is
 June 21st
International Foodlist
Potential Summer Problems
Every season holds its own set of problems.
Summer is no different.  Here is what to look
out for:

  • Swimming pool chemicals are better
    tolerated in outdoor pools than in
    indoor ones, where the fumes are
    trapped.  If the pool is yours, check
    your Foodlist for suggestions on less
    toxic pool supplies.

  • Outdoor pools that have a strong
    chlorine odor need to have their pH
    levels adjusted.

  • Consider switching to a salt-water pool.

  • Freshly paved asphalt streets and
    parking lots, oiled roads and tar on

  • Freshly mowed grass.

  • Gardening chemicals and fertilizers.
Allie and CJ
Starting with the SUMMER 2014
Foodlist,  you will now receive one
book for all regions including
Canada.  Yes, that is right... every
product sold at stores and mail
order will be in one book.  No more
worrying about what Region you
are in or having to purchase
separate books.  It will all be in
one book.  Be on the lookout for
your copy July 1st.  For those of
you who order paper Foodlists,
you will get your new copy
January 1st.

PIC Director /  Cindy Harrell

Your favorite oil-based
salad dressing can double as
a meat marinade.  If it contains vinegar or lemon
juice, this will help tenderize the meat.  You can
also squirt lemon over frozen meat and once it is
thawed and ready to grill it will be tenderized.

Combine 1 cup of lemon
or lime juice with 4 cups
of water.  Stir in enough
sugar to get the sweetness
you like.  Generally 3/4 cup
of sugar works well.

From Healthier Food for Busy People by Jane Hersey
As American junk food continues to spread
around the globe, we are receiving an
increasing number of requests for help
from families in other countries.

FAUS has taken the US materials that will
be the most helpful for these families and
created an English language International
Membership Packet. This includes the
Feingold Handbook and Part One of the
Why Can't My Child Behave? We
cannot provide lists of brand name foods,
as we do for Canada and the United States,
but we have created a
Foodlist book
outline. It provides some details on finding
acceptable food, as well as a template that
the member can fill in as she locates
suitable brands in her home country.
Our International members will also receive
access to our Members' website pages,
Support Board, and a new International
Members' Facebook Group, as well as a
subscription to
Pure Facts.
Sign up by clicking on
Amazon Smile, so that
Amazon contributes a
portion of your purchase
to Feingold!
Zachary Hlavaty
Ben and Dylan Browning
Fresh Homemade Lemonade or Limeade
Tenderizing Meat