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Drinking water is an important part of staying
healthy, especially when it's hot outside. When
you're sweating, you lose water that your body
needs to work properly. And if you're playing a
sport or running around in the sun, you lose even
more water, because you are sweating.

So drink up and don't wait until you're thirsty —
drinking before you feel thirsty helps keep the
water level in your body from dropping too low
(dehydration) when it's hot or you're sweating a
lot with exercise. If you forget and suddenly feel
thirsty, start drinking then. There are lots of cool-
looking water bottles around, so get one you
really like, fill it up, and keep water close by all
the time.  Never leave home without some!
Drinking  Water
Possible Non-Food Reactions
Sometimes we overlook things not related to
food that can cause a reaction.  Here are a few
things to look for:

  •  Are you using any artificially colored or
    flavored medications? Are any
    medications or lotions being applied to
    the skin, and are they artificially colored
    or scented?

  • Are you using vitamins?  If so, are they
    the brands acceptable for the Feingold

  • Do you have an acceptable brand of
    toothpaste?  How about mouthwash?
    (Colored toothpaste or mouthwash can
    trigger a reaction even if it is in the
    mouth only briefly.)  Even toothbrushes
    and dental floss can be colored and/or
    flavored with synthetic chemicals.
Fun Things to do This Summer
How to Make Citronella Candles
Bake cookies for ice cream sandwiches.

Have a luau in the backyard.

Visit the beach and collect shells.

Make a fort out of cardboard boxes.

Take bread to a pond and feed the ducks.

Set up a lemonade stand.

Have a water balloon fight.

Plant a garden of herbs and veggies.

Make a sidewalk chalk mural.

Visit a museum you've never been to.

Make your own slip and slide.

Visit a zoo or aquarium to learn about animals.

Run through the sprinklers.

Blend your own smoothie.

Let kids paint the sidewalk or patio with plain old water and
sponge brushes. When their creation dries, they can begin again.

Make popsicles in Dixie cups using fruit juices.

Catch fireflies in a jar (and let them go at the end of the night).

Stage your own Summer Olympics with races, hurdles and relays.
There is no need to
get mosquito bites
when you are
outside this
summer!  Light
several candles
and place on the
porch or in the
yard.   Make sure
to only use outside.
All you need are:
mason jars
pre-made wicks
sturdy tape or hot glue
soy wax
Citronella oil (look for essential oil)

double boiler or large pot
mixing bowl

Step 1)  Select canning jars of any shape or size to house
your citronella candles. Start by anchoring a wick to the
bottom of each jar using sturdy tape or hot glue. Once wicks
are affixed keep jars in the oven, set to its lowest
temperature until the wax is ready. Warm jars will ensure
the wax will cool evenly and prevent any mishaps should
your wax be too hot when pouring.
Step 2)  Wax may come in bar form or flaked. Bear in mind,
the volume of flaked wax will reduce to about one half when
in solid form.  In a double boiler or a mixing bowl nestled
atop a pot of boiling water, melt the wax. Once it becomes
liquid, it will be clear and resemble olive oil.

Step 3)  Stir in citronella oil, adding roughly three drops per
cup of wax.  Pour wax into prepared jars and use pencils or
some of the hundreds of leftover chopsticks you can’t seem
to throw away to keep the wicks centered in the jar.

Step 4) Once the candles have cooled, trim the wicks to half
an inch or so from the surface of the candle.

Caution:  Don't let the candle burn all the way to the bottom.  
Cole Camero
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Irena at the fair.
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