Coughs and Colds

If you are looking
antihistamines or decongestant
medicines free of artificial colors
or flavors,  try locating a
compounding pharmacist in your
area at or call  
(800) 927-4227
Saline Nasal Spray
or Saline Nose
Drops can help!!
                   Winter Blues?
Less sunlight can mean deficiencies of vitamin
D3 and can bring on the feeling of sadness that
many   people   experience  during   the  darker
winter  months.  A growing  number of doctors
are recognizing the value of supplementing the
diet  with  vitamin  D3.   It has been  found  to be
needed   by  virtually  all  systems  of  the  body.
  • Check the section on fumes
    from heating sources in
    your Handbook.

  • Eating snow can be
    problem.  Even snow can
    contain environmental
    chemicals, especially when
    it has been on the ground
    for a while.
Possible Reactions in Winter
Click on the snow flake and
send in a favorite picture of
your kids.
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Feingold Program  (PDF only)
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Who Can Benefit from a Gluten - Casein Free Diet?
The basic Feingold Program does not eliminate gluten or casein.  However, research has indicated that those with
symptoms related to the entire spectrum of disorders from attention deficit to developmental delays to autism,
who are not entirely helped by the
Feingold Program alone, may find the removal of gluten and casein to be of great
benefit. You can learn introductory information in our Handbook and you can visit
Better than Cough Medicine

Researchers at Penn State College
of Medicine found that  honey, given
before bedtime, provided better
relief of nighttime cough and sleep
difficulties in children than
over-the-counter cough medicine.
(caution: do not give honey to
children under one year of age)
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