FEBRUARY  2013      
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Cocoa butter, the main ingredient
in real chocolate, "contains the
same nutrients found in other
plant food, including minerals and
specific antioxidants that help
ward off diseases such as heart
disease” according to research
reported in the Journal of the
American Dietetic Association.  
To be sure you buy the real thing,
using the brands in your
Fill thermos and lid with hot water and let
sit while fixing food. Drain and fill will your
hot lunch.  Wrap in terry cloth towel.
Tips For
Staying Warm
Inside and Out
President's Day
February 18th
We start the Feingold Program on what we call Stage One.  This stage eliminates what we have found to be a problem for
some who have an extreme sensitivity to salicylates.  While most of our members move on to Stage Two by introducing
these foods back into the diet, people with an extreme sensitivity might have to either limit salicylates or avoid them
altogether.  Below are some signs you will see in yourself or your family if you are sensitive.

  • SKIN
          Reddening of the eyes and face
          Increased tear secretion

  • EARS
          Ringing in the ears

February 14th
  • keep doors closed to unused rooms
  • after baking and the oven has been turned off, leave the    
                 door open - be cautious with young children around
  • keep warm drinks on hand
  • make sure to insulate around your windows
  • put down a throw rug
  • wear slippers
  • use extra blankets when sleeping
  • use rugs to cover any space between outside doors and floor
  • heat a kettle of water on the stove
  • warm car up before taking a trip
  • always wear a hat in the winter
  • keep extra blankets, flashlight, snacks and water in your car
  • layering your clothing keeps you much warmer
Keeping Thermos Foods
Hot Longer
Characteristics of Extreme Salicylate Sensitivity
          Arthralgia (pain in joints) with or without edema (swelling)

          Chronic Fatigue
          Mental or physical sluggishness
          Upset stomach - bleeding and inflammation of the digestive track
          Pressure across the forehead - heaviness in the head
          Sensations of:  swelling, thirst, stinging in the lips and throat, hot flashes
          Sleep apnea - briefly stopped breathing during sleep

check with your doctor to rule out other problems that could be causing these
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