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The scent of a pine tree can be a
problem with very sensitive family
members.  If you notice something
off this holiday season, it might be
your Christmas Tree.  
Your Christmas Tree
First Day of Winter is   
December 21st
Before going shopping or visiting, eat a
good-sized meal.  Cheating is less
tempting when you’re not hungry.

Have some approved snacks stashed in
the car when you go out.  Then if shopping
takes longer than expected there is a
treat available.  This is much more
successful than “you can have a cookie
when we get home."
Holiday Shopping Trips
Don't forget to order your Holiday
Goodie Bag!  They make great
stocking stuffers.
The Night Before Christmas, Feingold Style
by Pat Pignatiello
Twas the night before Christmas and all through our place
The children were sleeping - how their bodies would race.
No stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
No hope that St. Nicholas would ever be there.
The children were nestled; They wrestled in bed,
And Momma in tears, and Dad with a sigh,
Had just settled down for a desperate cry.


When onto the scene with an answer, not clatter,
Came Good Dr. Ben to tell whats the matter.
Out colors, out chemicals, out Hostess Ding-Dong,
Your child is normal, it's the food that's all wrong.
From the top of your cabinets, to dessert at each meal,
Now dash away, dash away, food that's not real.


We spoke not a word, but just started his diet,
We've nothing to lose; so were going to try it.
When what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But a child so calm, so normal, so dear,
With a head that can learn now, a manner thats mild,
We knew at that moment, for the first time, our child.


Now . . .
It's the night before Christmas and in our home
Every child is sleeping, just like the poem.
The unfrustrated days, the good nights are so many,
It's hard to remember that once there werent any!
So with a tear in our eye for what might have been,
For changing our life, we thank Dr. Ben.
From our now peaceful home, with all of our might,
We pray peace and joy fill your hearts on this night !
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All Stage One Goodies

Bellows House Brownie        
Berlin Bakery Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (CF)   
Bo Bo's Chocolate Chip Bites (GF)            
Bumble Bars Chocolate Peanut Butter (GF,CF)
Clean Candy Chocolate Mint (GF, CF)
Clean Candy Peppermint  (GF, CF)
Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Bar (GF, CF)
Florida Natural Candy Angel Mint (GF, CF, CS)
Florida Natural Candy Taffy  (GF, CF, CS)
Jolly Time Popcorn  (GF)
Lovely Caramels (GF, CF)
Marich Pomegranate & Vanilla Jelly Beans  (GF, CF, CS)
Pearson’s Chocolate Mint Patties  (GF, CS)
Spangler Candy Cane (GF, CF, CS)
Thompson Crispy Santa Discs (GF)
Thompson Chocolate  Christmas Balls (GF)
Utz Cheese Balls (GF)
Christmas Stuffed Toy

possible  additional goodies ~

Shipping to US Only.  For Canada contact for additional shipping costs
Jeremia, Caleb, Samuel
Robert & Joey
Thanks to Sheri Davis, All Natural Mom, for
her generous donation of free
memberships this Holiday season.
Sheri is a long-time Feingold mom who has
written All Natural Mom's Guide to the
Feingold Diet.  Visit her at
We are in the beginning  stages of a new
Feingold Family Favorites cookbook and are
looking for your favorite recipes.  We are
specifically looking for stage one or stage
two that can easily be converted to stage
one or two:

1)  Slow Cooker recipes
2)  Instant Pot recipes
3)  Air Fryer recipes
4)  Kids recipes (that can be made by our
kids)  Include a drawing or picture, if you
5.  Other favorite recipes for starters, main
dishes, desserts, vegetables, salads or any
other favorite.

All recipes need to be your own and tried
and true. Please include first and last name
so we can give you credit. Label as stage
one or two and make a note on how/if  it
can be converted Please email recipes to