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First Day of Winter is   
December 21st
Reading labels on today’s highly-processed
foods is no simple matter. A product with a long
list of unpronounceable additives might be
acceptable, while another with a straightforward
list of ingredients and a claim of “natural” could
be a real troublemaker.

Even if the label is fine, the food inside might not
be. A manufacturer may change the ingredients
but continue to use up his old (inaccurate)
labels. The manufacturer also does not have to
list an ingredient that he did not add to the
product, but which was already present in a listed
ingredient (for example, BHT in the oil used in the

Sometimes a manufacturer changes its product
to contain an ingredient that is not acceptable.
When these products (often labeled as
“improved”) are found on the grocery shelves,
members are encouraged to notify the Product
Information Committee so that the product can
be re-investigated.
How Long Will it Take to See a
Response to the Program?
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Each person’s response is individual. On the
average, improved behavior can be observed within
one to six weeks. As a rule, the younger the person,
the more rapid the response.

Major academic improvement may require more
time including tutoring. A child may need time to
catch up in maturation and socialization.
Sometimes the change is so gradual that it takes a
reaction to remind the family or the teacher how
much improvement has actually taken place.

If behavior-modifying drugs are being used, it may
take longer to see positive results the Program. Try
to be patient.

Some families report that the symptoms got worse
at the start of the diet, before they improve. Parents
have taken to calling this “detox” or withdrawal
from the additives, but we do not yet really know
why it sometimes happens. Meanwhile, check your
Diet Dairy for clues to this reaction.
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Foods Can Have
Hidden Ingredients
Zoe in her Santa hat!
Connor, Patrick and Andrew
The time for celebration, gifts and family
gatherings is also the time you are
especially likely to encounter scented
candles, potpourri, and other perfumed

Most fragrances, including everything
from expensive perfumes to scents added
to cleaning products and children’s art
supplies are derived from petroleum.
Smelly Things
During the Holidays