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Fancy Plate Story
When my kids were young, it was easier for me to
host the holiday dinners – with Feingold foods, of
course - and invite the children’s aunts, uncles, and
cousins to join us.  

That always brought up a problem:  what to do about
the edible gifts some of the relatives would bring.  I
didn’t want to humiliate the visitors by telling them
their gift was unacceptable, but I also didn’t want to
let my children eat their gift and have a reaction.  
And I couldn’t say anything to the children with
everyone standing around.  

After a few  unhappy episodes, I hit on an elegant
solution.  We put aside several fancy platters which
the children could recognize as “special non-
Feingold” platters.  Then, if what the visitors brought
was unacceptable or questionable, I would ask the
children to bring me one of those special platters,
and we could put the cookies, cake, or candy out on
the table, showcased on a pretty platter for others to
sample, but without risk of my children eating them.  
It also taught the children to be sensitive to how
others might feel in sensitive situations.

Shula Edelkind
Before going
shopping or
visiting, eat
a good-sized
meal.  Cheating
is less tempting
when you’re not

Have some approved snacks stashed
in the car when you go out.  Then if
shopping takes longer than expected
there is a treat available.  This is
much more successful than “you can
have a cookie when we get home."
Holiday Shopping Trips
Smelly Things During the Holidays
The time for celebration, gifts and
family gatherings is also the time
you are especially likely to encounter
scented candles, potpourri, and other
perfumed products.  

Most fragrances, including everything
from expensive perfumes to scents
added to cleaning products and
children's art supplies are derived
from petroleum.
Hanukkah is December 8th
Feingold Holiday
Goodie Baskets
Order Early!!
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Stage One and Two
Stage One
Some children have a hard
time with the salicylate
fragrance from real
Christmas trees.  So if you
notice a change in behavior
during this time,  you might
need to use an artificial tree.  
Oh.. Christmas Tree
How To Stuff Stockings
Santa is a very flexible fellow and he's learning
that his old stand-bys,  like artificially colored
candy canes,  aren't really good for children, as
you Feingold moms and dads already know.
Instead, he stuffs stockings with shiny pears,
nuts, bags of popcorn and homemade candies
made by Mrs. Claus herself.

The elves contribute their favorite pencils, tiny
cars, pocket games,  miniature stuffed animals
and other special gifts.  
'Tis daybreak on Christmas.
One look at his face
Says he's been cheating.
He's in outer space.

His stocking is mangled.
Its contents are strewn.
Picking it all up
will take until noon.

He tears into gifts and
knocks over a lamp.
Everyone wonders
Why my eyes are damp.

I know he's reacting
To something.  Alas!
Could it have been all
That incense at Mass?

I realized too late as
He came up the aisle
Swinging the incense
With cherubic smile.

Whatever the culprit
I may never know.
One thing is certain
This day will be slow.

Thank goodness for Feingold!
We know this won't last.
I'll stick to Stage One.
The reaction will pass.

I hope that your Christmas
Was filled with delight.
Ours sure was different . . .
In fact, outtasight!

Mary Jo Carr
Feingold Christmas Poem
Annalicia and Alexandar in the snow.
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