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Sign up by clicking on
Amazon Smile, so that
Amazon contributes a
portion of your purchase
to Feingold!
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Breakfast - In a Hurry
If you have limited time,  make sure
to prepare as much of your
breakfast the night before as you
can.  Mixes and casseroles can
speed things up in the morning.
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Sharing Your Family
Success Story

If you have a success story
that you would like to share,
please contact me by clicking
on the sunflower.
Every year we get a school
supply list for our kids.  Each
year the list seems to be
getting longer and longer.
For a Feingold child this is
good news because we
(the parents) get to decide
what crayons, markers, etc. our kids get to take to
school with them.

Remember to look for low odor markers or ask if
your child can have colored pencils instead.
Getting Ready for School
August is:  Get Ready for Kindergarten Month!
National Farmers' Market Week
August 3rd - 9th
Some of the benefits of purchasing
at Farmers' Markets are:
  • reduced overhead: driving, parking, etc.
  • fresher foods
  • seasonal foods
  • healthier foods
  • organic foods
  • pasture-raised meats
  • free-range eggs and poultry
  • handmade farmstead cheeses
  • heirloom produce heritage breeds of meat
  • a place to meet neighbors
  • a place to enjoy an outdoor walk while getting
    needed groceries
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Swimming Pools
Chlorine is both a carcinogen and toxic to the body.
Of the chlorine-free options,  salt water pools appear
to be the best tolerated.

Algaecides are commonly used in swimming pools,
and exposure to them can be a major reason your  
kids might get sick after their swimming lessons.
Dr. Feingold said:
“Any compound in existence, natural
or synthetic, has the potential to
produce an adverse reaction in any
individual with the appropriate genetic
profile.”  A person can be sensitive to
(or allergic to) anything.  The Feingold
Program eliminates those additives
which appear to be the most frequent
causes of behavioral or learning
problems for the majority of people.  
However, this does not mean they are
the only cause."
  • Tuna salad goes well with:  chopped celery, zucchini slices,
    chives, onions, walnuts or grated carrot.

  • Peanut butter goes well with:  jelly, honey, fresh fruit slices
    such as pear or banana, chopped nuts, cream cheese, dried
    fruit or shredded carrot.

  • Cheese goes well with: lettuce, sprouts, sliced pears,
    leftover meat or poultry.

  • Cream cheese goes well with:  chopped dates, fresh fruit
    slices, dried fruit, cashews, seeds, grated carrots, sprouts,
    pineapple slices (canned) or shredded coconut.

  • Chicken or turkey goes well with:  chopped celery, lettuce or

  • A winning combination is a blend of:  cream cheese, peanut
    butter and honey.  Add nuts or dried fruits if you like.  This
    makes a great sandwich filler and a good snack to serve on
Different Options for Sandwich
Irena in the pool
"Even a superhero needs to float," says Robert
Kyle and Kali love the water.