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Every year we get a school
supply list for our kids.  Each
year the list seems to be
getting longer and longer.
For a Feingold child this is
good news because we
(the parents) get to decide
what crayons, markers, etc. our kids get to take to
school with them.

Remember to look for low odor markers or ask if
your child can have colored pencils instead.
Getting Ready for School
August is:  Get Ready for Kindergarten Month!
Sharing Your Family
Success Story

If you have a success story
that you would like to share,
please contact me by clicking
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School lunch - a good idea gone amok!
After decades of bad food, the public is now aware that there are real problems on those styrofoam
trays, and that the things being foisted on children each day are related to several epidemics,
including ADHD, obesity and diabetes.  This means that school food is connected to escalating health
care costs and the productivity of a generation of future adults.

While there has been some progress in bringing real food into school cafeterias, most people see it
as a daunting task, with a high price tag.  After all, if there were simple answers, they would have
been implemented by now...right?

Wrong.  There are simple answers.  What's more, healthy food is far less expensive than what is now
being served in most schools.

The new web site provides the understanding, information and tools to turn
around the embarrassment known as the American school lunch.
Fortunately, there are highly effective repellents
on the market comprised of natural botanical oils
and extracts that are every bit as effective as
DEET, but with none of the potentially harmful
effects. You can also make your own repellent

  • Cinnamon leaf oil (one study found it was
    more effective at killing mosquitoes than

  • Clear liquid vanilla extract mixed with olive

  • Wash with citronella soap, and then put
    some 100% pure citronella essential oil on
    your skin. Java Citronella is considered
    the highest quality citronella on the market

  • Catnip oil (according to one study, this oil
    is 10 times more effective than DEET)
Keeping Insects at Bay
the Natural Way
Why Can't My Child Behave? is
written by Jane Hersey, national
director of the Feingold
Association and editor of the Pure
Facts Newsletter. In its 400 pages,
this book comprises 30 years of
experience in the Feingold
Association -- experience helping
thousands of new members help
their children, and experience
being a member and watching her
own children grow.  It shows you
the most common reasons that
children have trouble behaving,
and why a bright child may have
problems in school. It is loaded
with realistic solutions to the
issues faced every day by parents
of hard-to-raise kids.
Feingold Shopping Bags
Show Your Colors
Our new fund-raiser is turning heads!  We
have taken our popular T-shirt/car magnet
logo and created shopping bags that are
perfect for trips to the supermarket, mall,
pool, beach or on your travels.

These roomy  Earth-friendly bags are made
from recycled plastic water bottles.
Guaranteed to get attention.
S'mores Day
August 10th
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Robert wearing his "Buzz Lightyear" wings!
Trenton with retired NHL Buffalo Sabre - Matthew Barnaby
Vuckovich kids goofing around
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