Manufacturers In Research
Welcome, Feingold Members, to the PIC PAGES!   These pages were developed  to
keep our members informed concerning the manufacturers with whom our PIC
team is working.  We will be updating these pages often, so you need to check
here before submitting new products.  Normally, when we have success in
researching a company's  product, we try to follow up and ask for any products
that look like they will be of value to Feingold members.  We also list companies
that  we check back with from time to time.  If you don't see your manufacturer
here, please submit it for research!

Please Note:  Having a company listed here does not mean that any of their
products are acceptable for use on the Feingold Program.  Please consult your
Foodlist, PIC Alerts and the PIC Report for acceptable products.  If you have any
questions about a product contact me at

              ~~  Thank You !    Product Information Committee  ~~
Click on the letter in the link boxes on the left  that your company starts with and
check to see if it is listed.